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Interview with New Fire Music

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

What fire new music can you tell your new fans here about?

I’ve got some new singles coming out pretty soon. We’re looking at having the first single out this November, and I’m excited for folks to hear it!

What is your favorite verse on Already Gone?

My favorite verse has got to be the first verse. “Home is where your heart is, and yours goes some place that I don’t know.” I think this one line really tells the story of the whole song. We’ve all been on both sides of that coin. One person still feels at home in a relationship and the other one is already somewhere else. Sometimes I think it’s better to tell a story with less.

What were you most meticulous about on your latest song?

Like most writers, I’m pretty meticulous about my lyrics. I usually try to write the whole song out and go back to tweak the lines that need work. I very seldom change my melodies or music, but sometimes I’ll come back to a song for weeks to fine-tune the lyrics. The song I’m about to release was like that – I wrote it in about half an hour, but there was one particular line I kept thinking on and I changed it a few times before I was finally happy with it.

Any new collabs happening soon?

I don’t do many collaborations as far as recording goes, but I have been mulling over the idea of getting together with some other local artists I know to cover some classic country songs.

Dream collab?

I’d love to get to sit down with someone like Chris Stapleton, who is just making great, authentic music right now.

Is there a critique you’ve gotten on your music that you worked through and it’s made the overall work better?

I was told when I first started playing out that singing cover songs in a bar didn’t make me an artist. It made me sit down and evaluate what it meant to be an artist, and I think it helped me to get deeper into songwriting when I hadn’t really in the past.

What are you most excited about for fans to hear on Already Gone?

Well I hope they’ve been listening to it already! But if not, I hope folks can relate to a story that we all know and a story we’ve all been through. I think it’s got a really cool sound to it that fits into a few different genres, so I’ve always thought it had the potential to reach a lot of ears, even outside of country music.

Give us anything else you want to know about what you’re up to?

Like I mentioned earlier, we just recorded some new songs that I can wait for folks to hear! The first song should be out in November, so stay tuned!

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