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Interview with Love in the Lyrics

Nashville based Singer/ Songwriter Zach Cornell shares why his single 'All I Need' is inspired by his wife. You have a great country sound. What's your favorite song to play of yours?

That one is a toss up depending on the day, but I think it's probably a new one called "All I Need." It's been one of my favorites since the day I wrote it, and I haven't gotten tired of playing it yet.

How did the lyrics come about?

My wife and I had just become parents, and we had both hit a point where we were drained and getting bogged down with a million different things. Somehow that prompted this song, which is really about focusing on the little day to day things that usually matter more than the things we spend hours worrying about. It was kind of my way of refocusing on what matters most to me, and it's a good reminder every time I sing it.

Was it a difficult writing process? This one wasn't. It was one of those songs that just came out once I got going. I was sitting up late one night with a guitar just goofing off and I started playing the little acoustic part for it. The melody came right out like I'd written it before, and after that it was just filling in the blanks with the small things I'm most thankful for. I think love songs are a little easier to write, because there's always a central point to get back to.

What is your style when writing new music?

I try to write things out as natural as they come to mind. Some of my favorite songwriters say the simplest things in a unique way, and I try to emulate that in my own writing. I used to spend hours on each line of a song, trying to make every line memorable and different. It usually ended up sounding really forced and the songs never turned out how I wanted them to. So now I stick to writing simple songs with simple words to tell a story that hopefully means something to someone.

What was the foundation of this single?

My wife. She was the inspiration of the song, and I think it's a special song to both of us because we were going through the same rough patch together. I think it serves as a reminder that we still have what we need even when there isn't much else going outside of that, and none of the lyrics would've come out if my wife wasn't there to remind me of that every day.

How can fans get a look inside your world?

A great way to stay up-to-date with what's going on with me and my family is social media, particularly Instagram. I try to keep folks posted about what's going on both in my music career and around the house. I have some new songs coming out soon, including "All I Need," and that's the best way to make sure you know when everything is out.

Could you leave us with your favorite lyrics you've ever written?

Man, it's hard to pick a favorite. I think I'd have a different answer if you asked me fifteen different times. But right now, I think it would be the second verse in "Next to Mine."

I don't understand your blue jeans with all the premade holes

I think I'll wear mine out here on my own

But it doesn't really matter if they're tearing away at the seams

Just sit down in those blue jeans next to me

It's nothing too special or profound, but I've just always really liked the way it came out. Some of my favorite lyrics come from John Prine songs where he just put something so straightforward that it stuck with me and shaped my own writing. Simple lyrics like that stick out to me in other artists' songs, so I don't lose any sleep over doing the same thing with mine. I hope folks dig it as much as I do.

Where do you connect most with your fans? I love connecting with fans in person after a show, but when that's not possible social media is a good second option!

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