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Interview with Hot Sounds in the City

Zach Cornell tells us what music we should be listening to and why he made the move to Nashville!

What are the hot new sounds our audience should be listening to?

I've got some new tunes coming out here before too long, but for now a couple of my favorites are 'Simple' and 'Next to Mine.' I put out a full album last November that's got twelve original tunes on it, including both of those!

What hot new sounds are you dropping soon?

I'm finishing up a few songs in the studio right now that will make up my next EP. I'll be releasing the songs one by one as singles, and the first one should be out within the next month or two!

How often are you trying to release music?

I would love to release music every year. It seems like a lot of artists go several years between records, but all the old school guys were putting out albums like they were going out of style. Ernest Tubb put 35 records in about 30 years, and Willie Nelson has 90-something records through 60 years. Those guys were just releasing music as often as they wanted to, and I think it would be great for country music to get back to that.

Is there a rhyme and reason for every move you make with your music?

I think so. I like to look at the small picture with every single song, gig, video, whatever it may be. Then the big picture kind of comes together on its own. If you overlook details in the earlier stages of the process, it almost always comes back to bite you down the road.

What about when it comes to your career trajectory?

It's really the same thing as with creating music. If I take a little extra time on the small things now that seem a little less important, I think it usually pays off in the long run. If all the I's are dotted and T's are crossed from the get go, you don't have to backtrack later and it's a whole lot easier to stay focused on what's important right now.

Who is supporting you to keep on going?

My wife is definitely my biggest supporter. She's the one that convinced me to move to Nashville, and I think it would have taken me a few more years to muster up the courage to make the move without her around. She tells me when a song isn't up to par, or when I'm getting my priorities out of order. My folks are also great supporters. They're back in Texas, but I talk to them daily and they've believed in this career for as long as I have.

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